Fees and Terms

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​​​Dr. Joshua Westbury MA (Cantab) MBBS (Lond) MRCPsych

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Consulting at: Forest Therapy Centre, The Old Forge, 75-77 Station Passage, South Woodford, London E18 1JL
and Prittlewell House, 30 East Street, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS2 6LH
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I review my fees on an annual basis. The fees below will apply from 1st November 2023.

The following fees apply if you are paying for your child's treatment directly or if your insurer does not set a different fee. I believe fees should be simple, inclusive and open and so have made this information freely available on my website. Fees quoted are valid from 1st November 2023 to 31st October 2024 when they will be reviewed again.

First appointment face-to-face or video (1 hour)£360.00assessment report / 1 month prescription if needed
Follow-up appointment face-to-face or video (½ hour)£180.00follow-up report / 1 month prescription if needed
ADHD Investigation Package£225.00Conners-4 Questionnaires and QBcheck test
Repeat prescription for 1 month
£30.00postage if needed
Repeat prescription for 3 months (non-controlled drugs only)£40.00
postage if needed
Letter or report in addition to the assessment/follow-up reports£60.00postage if needed


Direct payment

All direct payments are made online and are processed via Stripe.com. For appointments payment is made at the time of booking. For prescriptions and any other services I will send you an e-invoice with a Stripe.com payment link. Payment of invoice is required before service.


Prescriptions will only be issued for patients under my care and for treatments I have recommended for mental health issues. For non-controlled drugs I issue an e-prescription via e-mail, this can be taken to any pharmacy or you have the option to order online. 

For controlled drugs I issue a written prescription via post, this can be taken to any pharmacy.

I am able to offer 3-month e-prescriptions, at my discretion, for non-controlled drugs only, and only where an effective dose has already been reached.

All prescriptions issued are private. You are strongly recommended to discuss with your GP whether they are willing to provide NHS repeat prescriptions for you as this varies between practices. If your GP asks for a Shared Care Agreement in order to prescribe then this can be arranged.

Fees for issuing prescriptions are above. This is an administration fee for issuing the prescription: you will be charged separately by the pharmacy for dispensing the medication.

Insurance recognition

I am recognised as a specialist by the following medical insurers: ​BUPA, AXA PPP, WPA, AvivaVitality, Cigna and others. If your policy is with a different insurer then please contact me as it may be possible to arrange recognition.

If appointments are covered by your insurance policy then you do not need to pay in advance - I invoice the insurer directly after the appointment, and then invoice you directly afterwards if there is a policy excess to pay. However I will need to know the policy number and pre-approval code from your insurer at the time of booking.

Some medical insurers set their own fees for consultations which will be different from the fees listed above. I am not able to change these fees or make them available on my website, and they may be subject to change by the insurer. The fees above will apply if the insurer has not set their own fee. If your insurance policy only covers part of the fee (for example, if there is a policy excess) then the remainder of your fee must be paid in full by yourself within 30 days of the invoice date.

Medicolegal work

I am able to take on a small number of medicolegal cases, including cases related to the Family Court. The fees, terms and conditions for medicolegal work are different from those above. If you are a patient or family looking for a medicolegal assessment this would not be booked directly with myself but arranged through your solicitor.​